Trippin Tokyo-1
Trippin Tokyo-1

Trippin’ is a design lovers‘ guide to the world through Ryan and Ella's perspective. It’s a heartwarming and lighthearted design–centric travel guide with lots of great recommendations and personal stories.

A flip through the dictionary will earn you many different meanings to the word Trippin’. The way they perceive it though, is not just about a journey, but also being overly excited whenever they have the chance to travel.

As designers, Ryan and Ella likes to visit and indulge in creative cultures (and food) from around the world. Trippin’ evolved from the conversations when friends started to ask them to share their findings and itineraries on the places they have travelled to and discovered.

In their inaugural issue, they covered one of their all time favourite country, Japan.

Cover Illustration

The cover illustration sums up their first experience together in Tokyo, chasing and missing trains after trains.

Trippin Tokyo-2


As it is a very personal travel guide, the book is written in a first person perspective, narrating their journey through Tokyo. Comic strips, little tips and full spread illustrations lined up across the pages, providing little insights and personal stories along the way.

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The Japanese books' inventory slip is reinvented to serve as a bookmark for readers to gain quick access to important pages.

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