The Workbench-1
The Workbench-1

The Workbench is a Singapore based graphic design studio with an international reach. Working closely with our clients in unison, we craft purposeful ideas and thoughtful solutions across all disciplines.

Logo Design

Taking on a reductive design approach, the logomark is made up of a stroke and a stylized letter "W", forming the most fundamental tool of our studio — The Workbench.

The Workbench-2
The Workbench-3
The Workbench-4
The Workbench-5

The Workbench-6
The Workbench-7
The Workbench-8

Thoughtful Design

Guidelines are created at the inner back of the envelope to aid us in writing. Once the contents are inserted into the envelope, the lines will “disappear”.

The Workbench-9
The Workbench-10
The Workbench-11
The Workbench-12